Nowadays it’s really easy to fire off an e-card, text, Facebook message or even start a WhatsApp chat to mark the occasion, but, in our opinion, nothing beats sending a traditional handwritten greeting card.

1. To Make a Real Connection

Your personality shines through when you actually write something with a pen.On a text you can delete it, re-write it, delete it again, and so on. However, when you place that first scribble on a greeting card, you are committed, and you can’t go back and change what you have written or stamp out all the personality from it. Usually, your first thought is the one that makes that real connection. 

2. Greeting Cards Are a Reminder of Joy

The physical card also acts as a constant reminder of joy for the amount of time your loved one displays it. Every time they walk into their living room, they see the collection of greeting cards that reminds them they are loved.

3. Show Someone You Are Thinking Of Them

You do not even need a special occasion in order to send a greeting card. To go out of your way to buy a card, write in it, get hold of a stamp and send it, shows that you are really thinking of the person you are sending it to. You may just have found a design that you think the other person will enjoy, it could be that they need cheering up or you might simply want to reconnect after not talking for a while.

4. Give Them Something to Keep

Finally, one of the best reasons to give a greeting card is that the recipient can keep it forever. Give someone you care about something they can treasure for a lifetime.

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5. Motivation

Let someone know you were rooting for them the whole time! If you know what assignment hand in week or finishing a big project is like, you’ll understand why this feat is totally worth celebrating.

6. To Spread Good News

Whether it be to inform distant relatives of your new born or to inform friends about your new business venture. There is no better way to spread good news than by a card that be can kept for a lifetime.

7. Buying a card is an easy way to support a small business

If you are shopping at Posh Paper, you are probably already a fan of shopping small or supporting handmade businesses, but buying a greeting card is a great way of showing your support to small, independent retailers. If you are able to, it’s a small purchase without having to spend a lot and it means the world to the seller!

8. It keeps tradition alive 

Not only is sending a card a great opportunity to flex those handwriting skills, but it also helps keep the long standing tradition of sending greeting cards alive!  The act of sending cards dates all the way back to the ancient Chinese who used to exchange messages of goodwill to celebrate New Year.

9. Show co-workers appreciation

We get caught up in the work and forget to say kind words to the people we see day in and day out. The best part is you don’t even need to ask their address. Just send it to the office.

10. Show the people who matter to you the most some love

You might exchange calls or hugs every day, but many times we forget to let the people closest to us know how much they matter. A handwritten card is the perfect way to put your thoughts on paper without getting all choked up or nervous. We’ve got so many cards, and would love to be a part of this special moment.

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