Whether you’re studying, working, blogging or designing, stationery can help you stay organised and productive throughout your day. We’ve put together a list of 6 stationery must-haves to improve your workflow whilst looking beautiful on your desk at the same time.

​​The best thing about stationery, though, is that it’s impossible to have enough. Eventually, nearly all of it runs out. What’s the harm in shopping for a few pre-emptive backups or adding some new items that you don’t already have. 

Here we give you the ultimate stationary list ; 6 must-have stationery items to have with you at all times. 

1. Pens

The obvious.. A pen! People underestimate the importance of having a good pen with you at all times and will be the most used item on the list for sure.  Quality pens are a must-have for people who love stationery and those who journal. Let’s be honest, not all pens are created equal, and not all of them look good displayed on your desk. Our ‘Swarvoski Crystal & Diamond Ballpoint Pen’ is the perfect handy addition to any stationery set adding class to your desk or in your handbag.

Swarvoski Crystal & Diamond Ballpoint Pen

2. A Planner

Getting a planner has quite literally changed my life! I’ve never been more organized. The ‘Perfect Day Desk Pad’ quite literally does what it says, it ensures your day runs smoothly by organising your day into manageable sections. It priorities your goals/ task for the day in ‘Today’s Top Three’, breaks the day up into morning, afternoon and evening sections, whilst also leaving room for notes or doodles! What more could you need. An ultimate must have for any desk.


3. A To Do List

Those who love to jot down their daily thoughts or those who love organisational tools will definitely want a set of our ’Everyday List Pads’. While some notepads ask you to narrow down your top three tasks or set goals for the day (which is totally fine if you have the time), this is as straightforward as it comes. With a quirky header and lined rows for checklist items, you can jot down all the things you need to get done in a day simply and quickly either before bed or first thing in the morning. Then get the satisfaction of crossing them all off!

Hearts Everyday List Pad

4. A Notebook

Whether you journal, are a student or are planning on starting a food diary (that keeps getting put off till ‘Monday’) everyone needs a good notebook in their lives. Glam your notebook stash up with our range of quirky but luxurious ‘Every Day Notebooks’. With their luxury velvet touch cover, 125gsm line pages and humorous slogans, you are surely to guarantee notebook envy at work or at your studies.  

Stack of Everyday Notebooks

5. Highlighters

Whether you’ve followed the TikTok viral videos or are just a stationery enthusiast you will have heard about the ‘Stabilo Swing Cool Candy Highlighters’. Regular highlighters can sometimes be too harsh when reading something back. The pastel ones still make the text stand out, without the neon burning your eyes (plus they’re so pretty!)

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

6. Greetings Cards

Who knows when the moment may arise when you want to give someone a little note but want to make it that little bit more personal. Our greetings cards are perfect for this, it may be a little forgotten nowadays to give cards to people, as a text can be so much more convenient but here at The Posh Paper co we still believe in the art of letter writing and card giving. We have a wide range of greetings cards for all of those special moments.

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters